80 justice commune government officers visit ECCC

Even though there are no hearings taking place at the moment, the Public Affairs Section of ECCC is still busy organizing study tours for the public to visit the ECCC every week. The 20th of January, 80 justice service center officers from cities, towns and districts of Cambodia visited to learn about the justice service and the processes at the ECCC. The visit was organized by the Department of Mediation and Local Justice of Ministry Justice alongside the Public Affairs Section of ECCC.

The visitors began their day watching video highlights on the case 002/02.

After that Mr. Nhaem Somnang, Witness and Experts Support Unit (WESU) officer of ECCC briefed the visitors about the roles of WESU in the court. He said that his unit works directly with the court parties including the office of co-prosecutors, the office of co-investigative judge, the trial chamber, and the Supreme Court of ECCC, in order to bring the witnesses to testify before the trial. He added that all witnesses are shown the verdict from the court and provided services such as travelling, food, accommodation and health service with an independent doctor. These help to support their expenses. Mr. Samnang clarified that his unit brought 58 witnesses to court for case 001, 92 people for case 002/01 and 122 people for case 002/02.

Then the Chief of Public Affairs Section (PAS) of ECCC Mr. DIM Sovannarom explained the working chart of the ECCC and compared it to other courts of Cambodia. He said that there is no appeal court in the ECCC, but there is pre-trial chamber which works on solving other problems such as the disagreements between the Office of the Co-investigative Judges, the Office of Co-prosecutors and Defense lawyers, before the case is taken to trial.

He explained that (PAS) works as the representative of the court for spreading ECCC news to media and public, both local and worldwide. He continued that PAS also prepares other court documents to give to the public for a better understanding of the process of the court.

Please be noted that all 80 government justice officers who visited the ECCC are working on providing services to local people. The services are violent service, neighbor arguments service, other service contracts, judicial service, administrative service and criminal service and traffic problems.

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