Access for public and media to the appeal in Case 002/02 against Khieu Samphan

The Supreme Court Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) has scheduled hearings relating to appeals in Case 002/02 against Khieu Samphan to be held from Monday 16 August 2021 at 9:00am to Thursday, 19 August 2021. The Chamber has allocated Friday 20 August to Friday 27 August (six days) as reserve hearing days, to be used if required.  

Information to visitors and media:

To prevent the spread of Covid-19, only 50 seats in the public gallery will be allocated as follows:

1.    Case 002 Civil Parties and legal representatives:
10 seats have been allocated to Civil Parties facilitated by the Victims Support Section, intermediary organizations and their legal representatives. 

2. Diplomats and government representatives:
15 seats have been allocated to this group. Advance registration is required. Requests for seats must be sent to Deadline for registration: Tuesday 10 August 2021 04:00pm.

3. Media representatives:
15 seats in the public gallery have been allocated to media representatives, and the remaining members of the media will be allocated seats in the Press Room (C108) on the ground floor of the court building. Requests to reserve a media seat in the public gallery must be sent to Deadline: Tuesday 10 August 2021 04:00pm.

4. General public:
10 seats will be allocated to the general public and will be distributed on the advanced registration. The gate at the visitors’ entrance will open at 7:00 am. The ECCC recommends that visitors arrive early at the security gate in order to leave enough time to pass through security and receive their tickets. Doors to the courtroom will close by 8:45 am, or when all allocated seats in the public gallery are occupied.

Please be advised that all visitors are required to present an ID at the gate to be granted access to the appeal hearings. 

Visitors are required to comply with Covid-19 risk minimization protocols as directed by ECCC Security Officers, which include, but are not limited to, hand sanitization, wearing face coverings, and maintaining appropriate physical distancing when seated in the ECCC Courtroom Gallery and when moving around the ECCC compound.

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