Around 400 Ang Doung High School Visit ECCC

“Youth have to learn about their history especially about what happened in Democratic Kampuchea to avoid conducting repetitive such error-story history, which caused a lot of people to die and the economy to fall”, said the press officer of ECCC to 400 students from Ang Doung high school during their visit to the ECCC to understand and learn about the trial on Khmer Rouge leaders.

He added that “the trials on crime on the Khmer Rouge Regime aim to find the people responsible to the crimes, provide justice to victims who died and those still living with the consequences of Khmer Rouge Regime. The trials also seek justice for all mankind, since the regime caused at least 1.7 to 2.2 million deaths”. He noted that the memory of Cambodian history helps students understand deeply what their parents and grandparents experienced during the regime. Moreover, the spokesperson encouraged victims of Khmer Rouge regime to continue talking and informing all they can to younger generations, to remind them and generate awareness.

After watching a video documentary highlighting the trial of case 002/02 against the accused NOUN Chea and Khiev Samphan, the Ang Doung High school students continued their visits to the Killing Fields and the Toul Sleng Museum to learn why Khmer Rouge Regime built the security centers and killing fields across the country.  

A visiting student, Lou Vuttana, as well as other students said that it is really fruitful for them to learn history of the Cambodian Democracy regime. Then, news materials with key documents were delivered to the students to strengthen their knowledge on the processing of former senior Khmer Rouge leaders and those believed responsible on the serious crimes which took place between the 17th of April 1975, to 6th of January 1979.


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The Trial Chamber has granted in part requests by the parties to extend the deadline for the submission of Closing Briefs in Case 002/02 against KHIEU Samphan and NUON Chea and modified the schedule for Closing Statements. Closing Briefs, previously... The Co-Investigating Judges have taken note of the above-mentioned article and have decided to inform the public directly in order to avoid speculations based on inaccurate facts, not least because some parties have already explicitly or implicitly...
On 19 May 2017, the Co-Investigating Judges issued a forwarding order under Internal Rule 66(4) requesting the Co-Prosecutors to file their final submission in Case 004/2. Under Internal Rule 66(5), the Co-Prosecutors now have up to three months to... The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) would like to invite both national and international media representatives to cover the upcoming Closing Statements in Case 002/02 against KHIEU Samphan and NUON Chea.
On 23 June 2017, the Trial Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) concluded nine days of closing statements in Case 002/02 against Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan. The Chamber will now withdraw for deliberations....

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