Co-Investigating Judges order the severance of Im Chaem from Case 004

The Co-Investigating Judges have ordered the severance of the proceedings against Im Chaem from Case 004 and the creation of a new case file, 004/01.

The severance was ordered because of the charged person’s right to a determination of the charges brought against her without undue delay. Considering that the notice of the conclusion of the judicial investigation against Im Chaem was issued on 18 December 2015, while the investigation against other charged persons in Case 004 continues, the Co-Investigating Judges found it to be in the interests of justice to sever the proceedings against Im Chaem from Case 004. This will allow bringing the proceedings against Im Chaem to a timely conclusion while continuing the investigations in the remainder of Case 004. 

A redacted public version of the severance order is available on the ECCC website:

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