Ieng Thirith released with provisional conditions

The President of the Supreme Court Chamber, acting pursuant to the Internal Rule 82 (6), deciding on the request to stay the Trial Chamber’s order to release unconditionally Accused Ieng Thirith, ruled that Ieng Thirith be released on the following provisional conditions:

  1. The Accused shall inform the Chamber of the address where she will reside and not change residence without prior authorisation from the Chamber:
  2. The Accused shall surrender her passport and any other travel documents, and remain in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia;
  3. The Accused shall response to any summon issued by the Court; 

    These are provisional measures that will remain in effect until the Supreme Court Chamber decides on the merits of the appeal by the Co-Prosecutors.

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The ECCC’s Internal Rules provide that while the Co-Prosecutors’ Final Submission(s) must be filed confidentially, the Co-Prosecutors may release to the public an objective summary of their submissions. In the interest of keeping the public informed... Victims Support Section will conduct a Mobile Exhibition on “Forced Marriage during the Khmer Rouge Regime” and Intergenerational Dialogue on 13 - 14 September 2017, from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm, at Takeo Provincial Theatre, with the objective to 1) to...

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