Information regarding absent national staff members

The following information is provided to ensure that the general public has access to accurate information about the current situation at the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia  (ECCC).

The ECCC Office of Administration was in early August 2013 informed by a number of national staff members, that unless a solution was found for the payment of several months overdue salary, they would be absent from work from 1 September 2013 until a solution was found.  Consequently, on Monday 2 September 2013,  a total of 134 national staff members did not report for duty.

The national staff members, judges and officials of the ECCC have not received salary for the months of June, July and August. The current budget shortfall for the national component of the ECCC is about US$ 2.9 million for 2013.

Both the Royal Government of Cambodia and the United Nations are in close dialogue with international donor countries with the aim of securing sufficient funding and have appealed to the donors to come forward with funding.

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