Prey Veng Outreach – 18 January, 2017

As a part of the memory project, ECCC organizes activities for promoting the hearing processes of former Khmer Rouge senior leaders to the public. On 18 January, 2017, press officer of ECCC, Mr. Neth Pheaktra gave a lecture to more than 1000 students and teachers in Ang Doung high school and Chomrourn Roath high school in Prey Veng city. Mr. Neth said that education and understanding about former Khmer Rouge senior leader trials are crucial for younger generations who are not the direct victims of the regime. The trials could help victims with both psychological and national reconciliation, as well as to strengthen the Rule of Law and keep peace in Cambodia.

For nearly two hours, Mr. Neth taught the students about the history of the ECCC, which prosecutes crimes that happened during the Democratic Kampuchea Regime from 17 April, 1975 to 6 January, 1979. Approximately 1.7 to 2.2 million Cambodian people believed to be died by torture, killing, starvation, lack of medical treatment, and other inhumane acts. The press officer added that the ECCC was not created to bring all Khmer Rouge members to trial, instead only holding accountable high senior leaders of Democratic Kampuchea Regime and those believed to be responsible for the most serious crimes in the regime.

The ECCC was created by the Cambodian government with the United Nations. Since its conception in 2006, the ECCC has been working towards uncovering the truth and achieving justice. The Khmer Rouge tribunal has completed the trial of the former chairman of Toul Sleng prison, named Kang Guek Eav , alias Duch in case 001. He was sentenced to a life sentence in prison. Now he is serving his sentence in Kondal prison. Case 002/01 against Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan was also closed by the appeal pronouncement of Supreme Court of KRT to life sentences on crimes against humanity related to the forced movement of the population. Mr. Pheaktra explained that the trial chambers of ECCC has completed hearing on case 002/02 against Noun Chea and Khieu Samphan and will hear the conclusion on case 002/02 on 5 June, 2017. The trial chamber pronouncement will be heard at any reasonable time after the conclusion hearing.

After the lecture, Mr. Neth led students to ask questions about processes of the ECCC. The students joined the actions actively and then were given ECCC booklets. On 19 January 2017, 350 students visited the ECCC, S-21 museum, and the killing fields. Mr. Neth said that the Public Affairs section of the ECCC will continue these activities across the country, to further promote awareness of the trials of former senior Khmer Rouge leaders. 

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