Visitor number 50,000 attends Case 002 trial hearing

Traveling to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia from Takeo province, Mr. Kem Samanh became the 50,000th visitor to attend the trial proceedings in Case 002. As of 8 August 2012, the number of visitors who have observed the trial surpassed 50,000 people. This number includes Cambodians, foreigners, journalists, and diplomats. 


Mr. Kem, a 24-year-old teacher at Krapum Chhuk primary school, visited the ECCC from Kaoh Andaet district as part of the court’s outreach program. Along with 300 people from his district, Mr. Kem came to the ECCC to learn about the recent developments of the court and observe the trial firsthand. Being the 50,000th visitor to the trial, he received a small gift including an ECCC t-shirt, hat, and a copy of the Case 001 final verdict and said that he “felt very lucky to be the 50,000th visitor”.

Visiting the ECCC for the first time, Mr. Kem expressed his interest in understanding the process of the trial, as well as learning more about the roles and responsibilities of the Accused. “I will disseminate the information I learned from visiting the court and from the information materials I received to my students and people in my local community, so that they will understand the ECCC process and the history of the Khmer rouge,” Mr. Kem explained. 


From the opening statements in Case 002 on 21 November 2011, a total of 50,432 visitors have attended the trial proceedings. The public gallery in the courtroom holds 482 seats allowing it to accommodate a large number of visitors. Since the inception of the ECCC, the court has been committed to enabling Cambodians from across the country to witness these historic trials.

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