Why start a blog?

Posted Thu, 04/04/2013 - 12:39 by Mr. Lars Olsen

In 2013, starting a blog is hardly something revolutionary.  So why have we then decided to do just that?

The ECCC Public Affairs Section is already using a wide range of communication channels to inform the public about the work of the ECCC. Major developments are often announced through press releases and the ECCC website, and the monthly newsletter The Court Report brings regular updates. The ECCC was also the first internationalized criminal court to incorporate social media such as Facebook and Twitter in our information strategies.

There are however aspects with the ongoing court proceedings which may not be adequately addressed through a 140 characters message.  Many such issues may also not be sufficiently prominent to warrant a formal press release.  Some of the traditional communication channels also have in common that they only allow for one-way communication, with no possibility for the reader to give feedback or ask questions.

It is our hope that this blog will fill some of this information gap.  We will use it to address current matters as well as to try to give you an idea about what it takes to run trials of the magnitude you can see at the ECCC. The blog will be produced by Cambodian and international staff in the Public Affairs Section, and we plan to publish updates on a weekly basis.

The visitors to this blog are strongly encouraged to use the comment field to give us feedback or to ask questions.  The only thing we ask is that you refrain from using inappropriate, inflammatory or offensive language or negative characterization of individuals.

Now over to you; what would you like us to write more about on this blog?