Im Chaem

Im Chaem


Date of Birth
Place of Birth Kbal Ou village, Cheang Tong Commune, Tram Kok District, Takeo [Source:DC-CAM)
Arrested Date
Defence counsel Mr. Bit Seanglim (Cambodia) and Mr. Wayne Jordash QC
Position in Democratic Kampuchea Im Chaem was allegedly secretary of Preah Net Preah District in the North-West Zone [Source: Dc-Cam]
Status of case Im Chaem was charged in absentia on 3 March 2015. On 18 December 2015, the Co-Invetsigating Judges filed a notice of conclusion of the judicial investigation against Im Chaem. The proceedings against Im Chaem were severed into a new case file, Case 004/01 on 5 February 2016.
Key allegations

Im Chaem has been charged with the following alleged crimes: 

  • homicide, as a violation of the 1956 Cambodian Penal Code, allegedly committed at Phnom Trayoung security centre and Spean Sreng worksite;
  • the Crimes against Humanity of murder, extermination, enslavement, imprisonment, persecution on political grounds, and other inhumane acts at allegedly commited at the Phnom Trayoung security centre; and
  • the Crimes against Humanity of murder, enslavement, imprisonment, and other inhumane acts allegedly commited at the Spean Sreng worksite. 
Case No.


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