Decision requesting submissions From Mr. VICTOR KOPPE regarding His Failure to Attend the Appeal Hearin

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Document Number F30/14
Document Date November 19 2015
Case Case 002  
Related Indicted Person Nuon Chea  
Document Type Decision   
Filed by Supreme Court Chamber  
Parent Document Order Scheduling the Appeal Hearing

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Supreme Court Chamber Interoffice Memorandum Entitled “Response to DSS Memorandum of 24 November 2015”) 2 December 2015 F30/15/1/1
VICTOR KOPPE’s response to the Supreme Court Chamber’s request for explanations for his absence from the appeal hearing 23 November 2015 F30/14/1
Co-prosecutors’ submissions on proceeding with appeal hearings 23 November 2015 F30/16
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Co-Prosecutors’ Observations on the Proposed Timetable for the Case 002/01 Appeal Hearing 21 October 2015 F30/1

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