Trial Chamber Memorandum Entitled “Decision on NUON Chea Defence request to correct his witness lists in relation to character witnesses”

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Document Number E305/4/2
Document Date August 26 2016
Case Case 002  Case 002/02  
Related Indicted Person Nuon Chea  
Document Type Decision   
Filed by Trial Chamber  
Parent Document Order to File Updated Material in Preparation for Trial in Case 002/02

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Document title Date
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NUON Chea’s response to the Trial Chamber’s request to indicate portions of Doc. No. E307/5.2.8 to put before the Trial Chamber in Case 002/02 14 July 2015 E305/17/2
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Co-Prosecutors’ Supplemental Rule 80(3) Trial Document List 5 September 2014 E30S/13/1
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Trial Chamber Memorandum entitled “Direction to Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers to Provide Additional Information concerning Requested Protective Measures” 12 June 2014 E305/7/1
Decision on Joint Request Regarding the Refiling of Admitted Evidence in Case 002/02, and Filing in One Language 21 May 2014 E305/2
Co-prosecutors’ Notification of Consultations with Defence regarding Uncontested Facts in Case 002/02 19 May 2014 E305/8
Civil Party Lead Co-lawyers’ Rule 80 Witness, Expert and Civil Party Lists for Case 002/02 with Confidential Annexes 9 May 2014 E305/7
Co-Prosecutors’ Proposed Witness, Civil Party and Expert List and Summaries for the Trial in Case File 002/02 (With 5 Confidential Annexes I, II, IIA, III and IIIA) 9 May 2014 E305/6
Notice of Non-filing of Updated Lists of Documents and Exhibits 8 May 2014 E305/3
Updated Lists and Summaries of Proposed Witnesses, Civil Parties and Experts 8 May 2014 E305/4
Parties’ joint request regarding the refiling of admitted evidence in case file 002/02, and filing in on language 2 May 2014 E305/1

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