Budget and Finance

Budget and Finance (parallel national and international sections) National -- Headed by His Excellency Thaung Socheat, the section is responsible for:

*Financial Management & Disbursement

* Set up Financial and Accounting Control System according to international standards & practices;

* Disburse timely payments to all clients including staff;

* Prepare applications for fund replenishment to UNDP & donors;

* Produce financial quarterly reports for UNDP & donors

* General Accounts Management

* Set up and put in practice computerized accounting software acceptable to international accounting standards;

* Ensure that expenditures are consistent with the agreed Annual Work Plan & Budget;

* Monitor budget performance and produce quarterly accounting reports for UNDP & donors.

* Monitoring & Follow-Up

* Submit quarterly progress and financial reports to UNDP and Donors

* Regular spot check on financial management by independent consultant

* Internal audit

* Yearly external audit by independent consultant

* Benefits

* Staff remuneration on monthly basis

* Travel costs paid according to rates approved by the UN


Budget & Finance Section International -- Headed by Mr. Guillermo Lizarzaburu , the section is responsible for:

* Preparation of UN financial statements ensuring; Timely and accurate financial reporting to United Nations Controller

* Adherence to United Nations Financial and Administrative rules and regulations

* Adoption of United Nations best practices and international accounting standards

* Budget Ensure that expenditure is consistent with the budget plan

* Monitor and report performance to managers and United Nations Headquarters in NY

* Amend the budget plan when operationally necessary

* Disbursements To prepare timely payments for all clients, including staff, judicial officers, commercial entities, consultants etc

* Treasury Disburse payments to clients

* Cash management

* Receipt of funds

* Expenditure projection

* Cash requests to UNHQ

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