Official Court Holidays for 2022

For UNAKRT staff: In accordance with the UN Country Team's endorsement, the UN Official Public Holidays for 2022 for the United Nations system in Cambodia have been designed as follow: 

1/    03 January, Saturday (International New Year's Day) 

2/    14 April, Thursday (Khmer New Year) 

3/    15 April, Friday (Khmer New Year)

4/    3 May, Tuesday (Eid al-Fitr)

5/    11 July, Monday (Eid al-Adha) 

6/    26 September, Monday, (Pchum Ben)

7/    27 September, Tuesday (Pchum Ben)

8/    7 November, Monday, (Water Festival) 

9/    8 November, Tuesday, (Water Festival)

The UN staff members are entitled t 10 official UN holidays annually.

In accordance with the UN General Assembly resolution 69/250 and 72/19, recognized the significance of a number of other holidays. Accordingly, in the interest of the respecting the diversity of the staff of the United Nations, staff members are given the option of observing any one of the following eight floating holdays: 

10/   7 January (Orthodox Christmas) 

        21 March (Nowruz)

        22 April (Orthodox Good Friday)

        16 May (Day of Vesak)

        5 October (Yom Kippur)

        24 October (Diwali)

        8 November (Gurpurab)

        9 November (National Independence Day)

Staff members should inform their supervisors in advance as early in the year as possible of the floating holiday they wish to observe. Managers are to respect the floating holiday chosen by the staff member.

The national staff of ECCC will observe the following public holidays announced in the sub-decree ១៤៥៣១​អនក្រ.បក issued by the Royal Government of Cambodia on 19 August 2021: 

01 January, Saturday (International New Year's Day) 

07 January, Friday (Victory over Genocide Day) 

08 March, Tuesday (International Women's Day) 

14, 15, 16 April, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, (Khmer New Year)  

01 May, Sunday (International Labor Day)

14 May, Saturday (King Norodom Sihamoni's Birthday) 

15 May, Sunday (Visak Bouchea Day) 

19 May, Thursday (Royal Ploughing Ceremony)

18 June, Saturday (Queen Norodom Monineath Sihanouk's Birthday) 

24 September, Saturday (Constitutional Day)

24, 25, 26, September, Saturday, Sunday, Monday (Pchum Ben Day)

15 October, Saturday  (Commemoration day of King Norodom Sihanouk)

29 October, Saturday (Coronation Day) 

7, 8, 9 November, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Water Festival) 

09 November, Tuesday (Independence Day)

Note: holidays failing on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) will not be carried forward to the next working day. ECCC staff will not observe official holidays of UN, as listed above.