Judge Kathinka Lahuis

Judge Kathinka Lahuis

Ms. Katinka Lahuis served as a Judge and later Reserve Judge in the Pre-Trial Chamber until 6 March 2012. She is a Justice in the criminal section in the Court of Appeal of Leeuwarden. She has worded in the field of criminal law for a number of years, as a law clerk, a Public Prosecutor, a lawyer and as a judge. As a judge she has served as an investigating judge, presiding judge in the criminal law division, the pre-trial division, and in the extradition division. Ms Lahuis also worked for several years at the Training Center for the judiciary in the Netherlands where she developed training programmes for the Dutch Judiciary. She has also worked as an advisor, training people in other countries about how to improve judicial independe nce and integrity. 

  • Nationality : Netherlands
  • Office :
  • Position : Former Pre-Trial Chamber Judge

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