Judge Martin Karopkin (reserve)

Judge Martin Karopkin (reserve)

Judge Karopkin holds a Doctorate of Law from Brooklyn Law School.  From 2006 to 2014 Judge Karopkin has been Deputy Commissioner of Trials for the New York City Police Department. There he supervised a number of other judges, who along with him, presided over disciplinary trials within the police force. Judge Karopkin also previously served as a Reserve Justice of the Supreme Court of the ECCC of Cambodia during the initial rulemaking phase of that tribunal from 2006 to 2008. From 2004 to 2005 he served as an international judge with the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo. Appointed judge of the New York City Criminal Court by Mayor Edward I. Koch in 1986 and re-appointed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 1994, he also presided as Acting Justice of the Supreme Court and Acting Judge of the Family Court until his departure from the New York Courts in 2003.  Judge Karopkin has previously served as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn, New York from 1972-1978; Inspector General of the New York City Parks Department from 1978-1981; and Inspector General of the New York City Fire Department, from 1981-1986.

Judge Karopkin has also taught at the New York University Graduate School of Psychology as an Adjunct Professor of Forensic Psychology.


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