Mr. Jacques Vergès

Mr. Jacques Vergès

Jacques Vergès (France) was admitted to the Bar of Paris in 1955. A former member of the resistance movement, an anti-colonial activist and a fervent defender of rights to self-determination, Mr. Vergès is responsible for making the legal strategy of rupture defence famous. Having intervened in highly publicized international cases, Mr. Jacques Vergès has notably represented militants from the Algerian National Liberation Front, terrorists Carlos, Anis Naccache or Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, those involved in the Action Directe French revolutionary group, and Klaus Barbie, accused of crimes against humanity in French courts of law. He has also authored various books, such as De la stratégie judiciaire (1968), Le Salaud lumineux (1996) ou La passion de défendre (2008).

  • Nationality : France
  • Office : Defence  
  • Case :Case 002  
  • Position : Former Co-Lawyer for Khieu Samphan

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