Mr. SO Mosseny (Cambodian Co-Lawyer)

Mr. SO Mosseny (Cambodian Co-Lawyer)

Mr. SO Mosseny (Cambodian Co-Lawyer) was admitted to the Bar Association of the Kingdom of Cambodia in December 2003. Between December 2007 and December 2013, he was engaged as a Case Manager in the Ieng Sary Defence team and Case 003 Defence team at the ECCC. In December 2013, Mr. So was assigned as a Cambodian Co-Lawyer for Mr. Yim Tith. Prior to joining the ECCC, Mr. So worked as a legal consultant as well as an attorney with law firms, NGOs and private companies. Currently, Mr. So is a founder and an attorney at S&P Law Office. Mr. So is also a law lecturer at various universities in Phnom Penh.

  • Nationality : Cambodian
  • Office : Defence  
  • Case :Case 004  
  • Position : Co-Lawyer for Mr. YIM Tith

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