Security & Safety

Security & Safety (parallel national and international sections)

The Supplementary Agreement on Safety and Security outlines the structure for organisation of Security and Safety at the ECCC with an international (United Nations) Chief of Security and a national (Cambodian) Chief of Security.

The agreement separates the areas of responsibility, so rather than having two parallel security sections; the United Nations and Cambodian Government have differing areas of responsibility that complement each other to ensure that all aspects of security and safety are covered. This requires close coordination and cooperation between the section chiefs.

In coordination with the Royal Government of Cambodia, the national section is responsible for:

  • The external  security of the ECCC premises
  • The close protection arrangements for designated Cambodian personnel

The Government is also responsible for the provision of emergency response services such as:

  • Fire Brigade
  • On site medical support and ambulance
  • Bomb disposal
  • Provision of police as necessary for the preservation of law and order on the premises
  • Rapid reaction for other emergencies

The Government is further responsible for the safety and security of all witnesses and the control, safety and security of accused persons.

Under the terms of agreement between the UN and the ECCC, the international section is responsible for:

  • The internal safety and security of the ECCC premises, which includes, guard force management, access control and security screening, physical security, fire and safety, court security, security risk management, information security,  pass and ID operations and security control centre operations;
  • The close protection arrangements of for designated international personnel.

The United Nations provides international personnel for designated security positions such as operations, building security, courtroom security, security control centre operations, information security, investigations and  close protection.

To assist the United Nations in meeting its security responsibilities Cambodian security personnel are employed by the ECCC in positions such as security guards, fire and safety officer, and security control centre operators.