Initial hearing

<p>Internal Rule 80 bis describes the conduct of initial hearings.</p><p>The trial begins with an initial hearing. The President shall declare the initial hearing open.At this hearing, the Chamber shall consider the lists of potential witnesses and experts submitted by the parties . Where the Chamber considers that the hearing of a proposed witness or expert would not be conducive to the good administration of justice, it shall reject the request that such person be summoned. The Chamber shall also consider matters preliminary objections raised by the parties. The Trial Chamber may direct the Lead Co-<br>-Lawyers, within a deadline determined by the Chamber, to provide initial specification of the s ubstance of the awards they intend to seek within the final claim for collective and moral reparation. At a later stage, the Chamber will determine the date by which the Lead Co-Lawyers shall file the final claim for collective and moral reparation. The final claim for collective and moral repara tion may deviate from the initial specification where necessary, but shall in any case specify both the substance and the mode of implementation<br>of each award.</p>