VSS Structure

VSS's Mission Statement

To fulfill functional mandate as assigned in the Internal Rules of the ECCC, the VSS has formulates its Mission, Vision, Goal, Objectives, and Key Strategies as the followings:

Mission: The VSS is created for facilatating the meaningful participation of Victims of the Khmer Rouge regime in the legal proceeding of the ECCC and coordinating the process of seeking reparations to those victims through legal and non-judicial measures and programs that address broader interests of the victims during the course of the ECCC proceeding and beyond.

Vision: to have the victims of crimes within the ECCC's jurisdiction be aware of their rights, effectively exercise them, and have access to a high quality of justice. It is to also have the Court's legacy benefit future position developments in Cambodia.

Goal: To ensure that the Victims and Civil Parties are wholeheartdly, mentally saticfied and healed after their long awaited justice is served through their meaningful participation in both proceedings of legal and non-legal mechanisms.

Objective: The primary goal is to formulate feasible plans and have access to supportive resources for the implementation of project for non- judicial measures, which will be through: 1) dissemination of information in collaboration with stakeholders and informing victims (potential complainants and Civil Parties) about their rights relation to participation in legal proceedings and reparations: 2) liaising with other parts of the Court in order to have comprehensive and fair victim participations in the Court process, 3) ensuring supporting legal representation for individual and collective Civil Parties thorugh fair, efficient, and consistent participation in the proceedings.

Key Strategies: to achieve the above objectives, the VSS seeks to design, propose, and seek alternate financial sources for development and implementation of non-judicial measures and programs addressing the broader interests of victims. These programs may when appropriate be developed and implemented in collaboration with government and non-govermental organization external to the ECCC.

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC)  

Victims Support Section (VSS) National Road 4, Chaom Chau Commune, Dangkoa District, Phnom Penh 
P.O. Box 71, 

Kingdom of Cambodia 

Phone: 023 214 291 or 023 219 814 

Fax: 023 219 841 

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