Witness 2-TCW-971 was a teacher in the Takeo province between 1975 and 1977, and then he became the Chairman of the Commerce Office in Ang Roka in the beginning of 1977. His work involved recording the numbers of materials brought in and taken out, including clothes and salt, but he specified there was no rice. He stated that Ta Mok, the Southwest Zone leader, had worked there for a long time and he saw his face after the coup. He recalls that he left Ang Roka for Battambang by train on the 1st of January of 1978, after he was informed by Ta Mok of the poor situation and food shortage in Battambang. However, when he got to Thma Koul in Battambang, there was no food shortage, having seen rice and sugar stored in warehouses in the market; what was scarce, however, was the food rationing. The witness explains that he was confused as to why the food had not been shared. As a result, the rice had gone bad, resulting in the food shortage. In response, he called those in charge and asked them to give the rice stored to the people on the working units, and he said the people were happy that he did that.

He was advised by Ta Chhay that people who were placed in a mobile unit should be allowed to return home. He agreed with Leng Tirith’s observation that “there was something wrong going on in the province”, to which he added “people did not live in proper homes and that would be violating the directive, and that people were working too hard”. When asked whether Ta Thom was the Sector 3 Secretary when he arrived, he replied that the post was vacant and that he heard that Ta Thom was the sector secretary, but had never seen him and did not know when he disappeared.

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