Mr. OM Chy

Mr. Om Chy, 62 or 63, told he was the head of a 500-person mobile unit at the 1st January Dam Worksite. He described the hard work conditions at the worksite and stated that no one was working voluntarily. According to Om Chy, if someone was inactive or lazy, he/she would have been reeducated. He also stated that anyone opposing rules was seen as enemy. Om chy stated that he heard people were arrested and taken to the security center Bagota.  He told anyone who was arrested never appeared again. The witness stated that in 1977 there was a plan to purge people, but he was not at the village at the time. The witness told he was relocated to work in other commune 20 km away from the previous village. He explained that when he came back his neighbor had disappeared. He also heard that 5 families had been purged. Mr. Chy also described that marriages were arranged according to the workers’ biographies.

  • Witness acronym :
  • Age at the time of testimony :
    62 or 63
  • Appeared as :
  • Cases : Case 002/02Case 002
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