Article 262 - Code of Criminal Procedure of the Kingdom of Cambodia

<div><b>Article 262 Undertaking of Additional Investigation</b></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; The Investigation Chamber may order additional investigative action which it deems useful.</div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; For this purpose, the Investigation Chamber may appoint one of its own members or&nbsp;delegate the measure to be undertaken to an investigating judge.</div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp;The judge who is in charge shall exercise the power of an investigating judge within the&nbsp;scope of power specified by the Investigation Chamber.</div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp;When the investigative act has been completed, the case file shall be transmitted to the&nbsp;Investigation Chamber. The President of the Investigation Chamber shall determine a new hearing date. In such case, the provisions of Article 259 (Examination of Case File and Briefs) of this Code shall apply.</div>