Article 125- Code of Criminal Procedure of the Kingdom of Cambodia

<div><b>Article 125 Scope of Complaint</b></div><div><br></div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; The investigating judge is seized with the facts specified in the introductory submission.&nbsp;</div><div>The investigating judge shall investigate only those facts.</div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; If during a judicial investigation, new facts susceptible to be qualified as a criminal offense&nbsp;arise, the investigating judge shall inform the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor can ask the investigating&nbsp;judge to investigate the new facts by making a supplementary submission. If there is no such &nbsp;supplementary submission, the investigating judge has no power to investigate the new facts.</div><div>&nbsp;&nbsp; However, if the new facts only constitute aggravating circumstances of the facts already&nbsp;under judicial investigation, no supplementary submission is required.</div><div><br></div>