Case 002 information about the coming weeks

Following the hearings on 18, 20 and 21 February the Trial Chamber has informed the parties about two upcoming expert testimonies and the way forward as follows:

The Trial Chamber will hear expert testimony from Philip Short on the week commencing Monday 4 March 2013 and Elisabeth Becker during the week commencing 11 March 2013.Consistent with the Chamber's previous directions, both experts may be questioned on the entirety of Case 002 on areas within the knowledge of the experts, and the parties are encouraged to focus their questions on areas relevant to the facts at issue in Case 002/01.

The Trial Chamber will issue a fully reasoned decision on separation of proceedings (severance) in Case 002 after having heard testimonies from the medical experts who will review the health and fitness of Nuon chea and Ieng Sary in March 2013.

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