Civil Party Lead-Co-Lawyers

The Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers Section has been established in accordance with Rule 12 and Rule 12 ter of the ECCC Internal Rules. It is autonomous with regard to all substantive matters pertaining to Civil Parties.

There is one Cambodian and one international Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyer, and they are supported by legal officers and case managers. They have to act jointly in all matters, unless they have decided jointly to delegate authority to one Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyer for handling a particular matter.

The Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers shall ensure the effective organization of Civil Party representation during the trial stage and beyond. They have the ultimate responsibility to the court for the overall advocacy, strategy and in-court presentation of the interests of the consolidated group of Civil Parties during the trial stage and beyond. The Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers carry out their duties in close consultation with the Civil Party Lawyers who are representing the admitted Civil Parties. The Civil Party Lawyers support the Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers in the representation of the interests of the consolidated group. Such support may include oral and written submissions, examination of their clients and witnesses and other procedural actions. 

The difference between Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers and Civil Party Lawyers

During the pre-trial stages, Civil Parties participate in the ECCC proceedings individually, and they have the right to be represented by Civil Party Lawyers. 

Once a case reaches the trial stage, Civil Parties will form one consolidated group, whose interest will be represented by the Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers.  At this stage the Civil Party Lawyers will support the work of the Civil Party Lead Co-Lawyers, and they also serve as a contact point for the individual Civil Parties. 


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