Information for Media

The ECCC Public Affairs Section will provide facilities on the ground floor of the court building to assist media during the court hearings. We will provide a check-in service for telephones, recording equipment and large bags.
The Press Work Room (C108) has a quiet space for working and a number of computers with internet connection will be available on a first-come first-served basis. Private laptops may be used but will not be permitted to access the ECCC network or the internet. Audio and Video feeds of the court proceedings (available in Khmer, English and French) will be provided in the Media Room (C105).
Media representatives can also follow the procedings from the public gallery in the courtroom. Please note that no electronic devices are allowed in the public gallery.  Advance reservation is required for seats in the public gallery on special hearing days such as opening and closing statements and delivery of verdict,
All media representatives seeking access to the ECCC compound must seek accreditation in advance. For accreditation, please submit a signed   ECCC Media Application Form together with a jpg portrait photo and a copy of your passport to
For renewal of expired accredition cards, please submit a signed  ECCC Media Application Form to
Wireless internet
A wireless internet connection is available for accredited journalists in the Media Room (C105). We reccomend that you bring your own USB internet connection if you need to transfer large file.
Audio feeds of the proceeding will be provided to media through a XLR connection. This feed can be accessed in the press room (C105) using one of 48 audio connections (16 each in Khmer, English and French). Additional audio hookups are possible from recorder to recorder if the users bring the required cables. No audio recording will be permitted inside the courtroom.
Video feeds of the proceedings will be provided through a BNC (PAL) connection. This feed can be accessed in the press room (C105) using one of 30 output connections. Additional video hookups are possible from recorder to recorder if the users bring the required cables. No video recording will be allowed inside the courtroom.
No photography is allowed inside the courtroom or in the public gallery. The Public Affairs Section will provide photo handouts on selected hearing days. 
A number of courtroom photos are being uploaded to These photos can be used freely by media provided that the photos are credited to ECCC and the name of the photographer.
Background information:


The ECCC has been referred to by many different names (Cambodia tribunal, Cambodia war crimes tribunal, Cambodia genocide tribunal, Khmer Rouge tribunal, UN backed war crimes tribunal etc), but please do remember that the official name of the ECCC is Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia.