Pre-Trial Chamber rejects Ieng Sary's Appeal against the extension of provisional detention

In a Decision rendered today, the Pre-Trial Chamber dismissed the Appeal against an Order extending the provisional detention of Ieng Sary and rejected a request from the Charged Person to be put in house arrest as a substitute for detention. Following the Decision of the Pre-Trial Chamber, Ieng Sary may be held in provisional detention until 12 November 2009.

 Ieng Sary, who held the position as Minister of Foreign Affairs during the regime of Democratic Kampuchea, is charged with crimes against humanity and war crimes (the case is still under investigation). He was arrested on 12 November 2007 and subsequently placed in provisional detention, initially for one year, by an order of the Co-Investigating Judges. On 10 November 2008 the Co-Investigating Judges ordered an extension of the provisional detention for a maximum duration of one year (until 12 November 2009). 

In its Decision dismissing the Appeal against the extension of the provisional detention, the Pre-Trial Chamber finds that provisional detention still remains a necessary measure to prevent the Charged Person from fleeing. Furthermore, the Pre-Trial Chamber deems detention necessary in order to protect the security of the Charged Person and to preserve public order.

A summary of the Decision was read out by the President of the Pre-Trial Chamber H.E Prak Kimsan during a public hearing today. A written version of the decision can be found at:

Official pictures from today’s hearing can be downloaded from:

These pictures can be used freely by the media but photo credit should read :”photo courtesy of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia”

(see Decision, Press Release)

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