S-21 survivors first to receive copies of Case 001 Appeal Judgement

Three living survivors of the S-21 prison, Bou Meng, Chum Mey and Norng Chan Phal as well as five Civil Parties received printed copies of the Supreme Court Chamber Appeal Judgement in Case 001 against Kaing Guek Eav alias Duch Friday 18 May 2012 at the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in Phnom Penh. This marked the start of a campaign where the Public Affairs Section and the Victims Support Section will distribute copies of the Appeal Judgement as well as a compilation of statements of apology made by Kaing Guek Eav during the proceedings to audiences across Cambodia.

“I’m so happy to receive this final judgement in the case against Duch. I have waited for this for 35 years. This is justice that has been found for me and other victims of S-21. This appeal Judgement is the history of the world. It is a message to other leaders and the younger generations not to kill people not to harm people the way Khmer Rouge did,” Bou Meng excitedly told to the media present at the event.

Chum Mey said that although he was happy with parts of the Appeal Judgement, he was not satisfied with the reparation awards. “I admit that Khmer Rouge Tribunal’s work is justice, but I’m not satisfied that the tribunal does not give any collective reparation to victims. This Judgement is just moral reparation, but not collective reparation. We, the Ksem Ksan Victim Association, want a memorial to be built within S-21 premise with names of every victims of S-21 written on it. The memorial will be the remembrance of the victims, and it will also be the historical evidence to younger generations,” Chum Mey said.

The ECCC Public Affair Section has printed 5,000 copies of the Appeal Judgement and 15,000 copies of the summary of the Appeal Judgement in Khmer language, and 1,600 copies of the Appeal Judgement in English. These copies will be distributed across Cambodia to universities, libraries, law students, domestic courts and national and local government institutions. If you represent an institution which would like copies of the Appeal Judgement and/or the summary of the Appeal Judgement, please send a request to the Public Affairs Section at pas@eccc.gov.kh

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