Third Meeting with Focal Persons on Notification of Civil Parties Organized in Kampong Cham

Kampong Cham - Fifty-one focal persons of Civil Parties in case 002/02 are coordinated to participate in a meeting in Kampong Cham on 16 November 2023 to get the updates on the judicial results of case 002 and the ECCC’s work related to activities to support victims during a residual phase. After the meeting, they are expected to impart key messages and deliver materials to other civil parties living in their areas.

The meeting kicked off with a welcoming remark by Mr. Hang Vannak, Chief of Victims Support Section (VSS). He welcomed the focal persons and appreciated their continuous support for coordinating Civil Parties to take part in the events organized by the ECCC and VSS and delivering materials and key messages to other Civil Parties living in their areas.

Mr. Pich Ang, National Lead Co-Lawyer briefly spoke about victims’ direct participation in the ECCC, and their rights to assert reparations and testify against perpetrators in the court’s room, which is a distinct characteristic different from other international tribunals.

Civil Party Lawyers, including Mr. Ven Pov, Ms. Chet Vanly, and Ms. Ty Srinna carried-out presentations on crimes investigated and heard in case 002, and decisions and punishments rendered in the end of judicial process, reparations awarded in case 002, and ECCC’s activities being carried out during the residual phase.

A focal person from Kampong Thom province who attended the meeting said, “I am happy to join a meeting today as I have received the updates on the ECCC. When I submitted my application, I knew that many people withdrew themselves as they were afraid of something. However, some of my neighbors and I decided to go ahead. Now, I would like to request that if something happens, Civil Parties and witnesses have to be protected immediately”.

Another focal person from Preah Vihea province added, “I am happy with my participation today and feel that we are respected. I will do the entrusted work of imparting key messages and delivering materials to Civil Parties living in my areas soon”.

At the end, the focal persons have been provided with cards for recognizing their good work and support provided to the ECCC and VSS, especially with relation to helping other Civil Parties partake in the ECCC’s activities.

The focal persons gathered in the meeting today are from the provinces of Kampong Cham, Tbaung Kmum, Ratanakiri, Modulkiri, Stoeung Treng, Kampong Thom, Kratie and Preah Vihea.

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