Virtual Tribunal

ECCC Virtual Tribunal


The ECCC Virtual Tribunal is a not-for-profit digital multimedia library and archive. It contains information and content about the Khmer Rouge, the work of the ECCC and the contribution to the transitional justice process of various resource partners, such as educational institutions, academics, the media, non-government organizations, and civil society groups.


Cambodian and international users with varying levels of literacy, access to technology, and substantive knowledge of the law will benefit from this free and interactive Khmer and English educational resource. Modules and a user group-specific web interface are being designed to address the interests and needs of Cambodian students (at the high school, university and graduate level), participants in legal and judicial training programs, families of victims and survivors seeking information and insights about the Khmer Rouge regime, international university and law students, academic and NGO researchers, and trainees in professional capacity-building programs.

Additionally, the ECCC Virtual Tribunal’s advanced search function will allow users to easily access a rich collection of content, including:

  • Documentary records of the trial proceedings;
  • Courtroom videos and transcripts;
  • Interviews with court personnel and trial participants;
  • Expert commentary designed for training and research purposes;
  • Educational tools designed for teachers and students;
  • Text and multimedia content from Cambodian civil society organizations (e.g. reports, photographs, training and outreach materials, records of community meetings, films, and interviews generated by our resource partners); and
  • Archived media coverage of the proceedings, as well as featured articles on public response to the trial process.

Institutional Partners

The ECCC, the War Crimes Studies Center (WCSC) at the University of California Berkeley, the Hoover Institution (HI) at Stanford University, and the East-West Center (EWC) in Honolulu are developing the ECCC Virtual Tribunal to enhance the archival legacy of the Court.

The ECCC's Virtual Tribunal will be accessible online starting November 2011( Interested parties are welcome to contribute content that will enrich the legacy of the ECCC and ensure that the historical moment created and encapsulated in the work of the Court and its contemporaries remains alive for generations to come.

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