HUN Smirn

Hun Smirn was called as a witness to testify on the character of the Accused.

Hun Smirn knew the Accused as Hang Pin from October 1996 to late February or early March 1997, when the Accused was assigned to work as a French teacher under his supervision at Phkoam High School. In February or March 1997, the Accused disappeared without any notice. It is only later that Hun Smirn, then director of Phkoam High School, learned that he had left for Samlaut.

As a character witness, Hun Smirn described the Accused as a generous, kind, and friendly teacher. The Accused was liked by everyone and entertained good relationships with staff, students, and school management. He was also solitary, quiet, and always seen reading his books alone after work. Hun Smirn recounted that his work was excellent and that he was always punctual and very attentive. This earned him the nickname "Kru Ta" or "grandfather teacher" from the students.

Hun Smirn told the Trial Chamber that he only learned of Hang Pinís criminal past at the time of his arrest in 1999 and was extremely surprised to learn this, stating, "Even today, it is extremely hard for me to take it that he was involved with so serious crimes in comparison to his teaching career at my school. It was a complete opposite. In his teaching career, he was so perfect". 

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