MAK Chhoeun

He has four children and an adopted daughter.  He married his wife in 1976, and even though he had no previous love relationship with her he said it was a mutual agreement.

Ta Mut presided his wedding. He joined the Khmer Rouge Revolution in 1970, initially on a village level, but then as sector-level in the Kampot forces. He was then transferred to the Southwest Zone Forces Division 3, sent to Phnom Penh to help liberate it and then was sent to Kampong Som alongside all Division 3, where he was the commander of the Battalion 560 from the Regiment 63. He had 300 men under his command, he had to organize ammunition and food to be transported to the islands of Koh Ses or Koh Thmei. He was told he was deployed there to protect their territory, as the islands were close to the border with Koh Tral, occupied by the Vietnamese. He said there were brief attacks by Vietnamese fishing boats with weapons, which fired first and then his Battalion responded. His boats never crossed into Vietnamese waters, as it was his understanding that Cambodia shouldn’t attack Vietnam. He said Regiment 63 was composed of three Battalions: Battalion 530, of which Vet was in charge, as for 540 it was Sary, and the witness was in charge of 560. He doesn’t know if Vet was Eung Vet. He attended meetings at the divisional headquarters where he spoke to either Ta Mut or Brother Dim.

After Phnom Pen was liberated, he attended a study session at the Olympic where he saw Son Sen. Only Pol Pot spoke during the session, which lasted 4 days, and it was about the defense and construction of the country. He was transferred to Phnom Penh in 1978, and stayed there roughly 10 days until the Vietnamese came in, he was in charge of organizing the evacuation of the labor force. He met Khieu Samphan in Phnom Penh.

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