Mr. CHHE Heab

Che Heap was born 1 February 1961. Before the fall of Phnom Penh he was living in the Kampong Tom district with his family.

His brother, a KR soldier, took him and several siblings to live in Phnom Penh. His brother was part of a logistics unit. Once when he went to visit his brother, he was not there and someone pointed to Che and said that he was the brother of a traitor. After this Che tried to hide his biography because his brother was accused of being a traitor. When he asked permission to go home, it was not granted. After the war he learned that his brother had been taken to Tuol Sleng. His brother’s wife was never told of this, and soon after he disappeared she and her children were taken to a pagoda. She is still again. The Civil Party said that five of his siblings went missing, never to be seen again. 

He testified in court because his brother sacrificed a lot to the struggle and regime. His brothers supported the KR, joined the regime and left their parents behind only for them all to be arrested and never returned; according to Mr. Che, only three of the siblings survived. The family couldn’t afford to make a ritual for his siblings. They cry every time they think of them.

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