Mr. SIN Oeng

Sin Oeng was born on the 8th of March of 1957. He was part of a mobile unit from April 1975 until 1976, until he was taken to “a zone”, where he became a personal guard for Sao Phim.

He was related to Sao Phim, as his deceased grandmother was Sao Phim’s cousin. He saw Chea Sim, who was the district officer of Ponhea Krek. The witness confirmed that Sao Phim’s daughter Sy, married to the son of the Northwest Zone committee, Ruos Nhim.  He heard that Pol Pot had tried to stage a coup d’état. He did not know who initiated the coup d’état, he only knew that the Center waged arrests against the East. He added that Sao Phim said to Heng Samrin that they would fight again. He said that they had talked about gathering forces and fighting Pol Pot, just ten days before Sao Phim died.  According to the witness, Sao Phim told Heng Samrin that he was going to Phnom Penh to speak to Pol Pot and “sort things out.” He was certain that he saw Nuon Chea at Suong, adding Nuon Chea slept there in the same building as Sao Phim’s bodyguards. He was present in Sao Phim’s last trip to Phnom Penh. He recalls it was a convoy with Mr. Oeng and other eight people (including Sao Phim), that went to Wat Ounalom. Eventually, they were ambushed outside Akrey Ksatr and Oeng managed to escape by hiding in the lakes under the water raisins. He was captured and arrested in Vihear Suork. He was recognized and subsequently released and placed in a district office, where the head officer told him that Sao Phim was alive.

He later fled the place and during the journey was informed of Sao Phim’s death. According to villagers, Sao Phim committed suicide but the witness never saw the body himself. The last time he saw Sao Phim alive had been in Akrey Ksatr where they were ambushed.

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