Ms. CHUM Neou

Chum Neou filed a Civil Party application on the basis of her personal suffering as a detainee at S-24, as well as on the basis of the deaths of her baby and of her husband, Nour Moeun.

Chum Neou joined the proceedings as a Civil Party in order to seek justice and collective and moral reparations. During her testimony, Chum Neou told the Trial Chamber that it was the first time in 32 years that she had spoken about these events. She recounted how she had joined the revolution willfully in 1971, but now felt betrayed by the Khmer Rouge. Her husband was arrested and sent to S-21 on 9 August 1977. While working in the General Staff Logistic Section in Phnom Penh, she was arrested on 12 August 1977. She was first sent to the S-21 reeducation site of Stueng Chrov. There she gave birth to her child who later died of starvation.

Chum Neou recounted how she was then taken to S-24. She also described the difficult detention conditions she had to endure.

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