Peng Poan was called as a witness to testify on the character of the Accused.Peng Poan knew the Accused as Hang Pin when he worked under this name as a teacher at Phkoam High School during the school years 1993 to 1995. The Accused was first recruited as a voluntary teacher in chemistry and physics for grades 7 and 8 before being officially recruited in late 1995. When the Accused was transferred to the district educational department after the robbery at his house, Peng Poan lost track of him. As a character witness, Peng Poan described the Accused as a gentle and quiet person. According to him, the Accused did not show any signs of abnormality. He told the Chamber that the Accused was a remarkable teacher and loved by many students. They called him "Grandfather Teacher" in appreciation of his talent. Peng Poan only learned that the Accused was the former Chairman of S-21 through a broadcast at the time of his arrest. He told the Trial Chamber that he was very shocked when he learned this news because he remembered the Accused as a normal teacher. 

  • Alias :
  • Witness acronym : D6
  • Age at the time of testimony : 57
  • Appeared as : Witness  
  • Case :Case 001  
  • Date(s) of testimony : 2 September 2009 

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