Tep Sok was called as a witness to testify on the character of the Accused.    

Tep Sok was a student of the Accused at Skun Junior High School in Kampong Cham during the school years 1966 to 1968.

As a character witness, Tep Sok described the Accused in those years as being a kind, gentle, and meticulous teacher. He was appreciated by all of his students. He did not have any bad habits and liked to present himself as such. As a teacher, the Accused would treat all students equally. Tep Sok recounted that he gave school supplies and private lessons free of charge to disadvantaged students including himself and that the Accused offered accommodation to poor students. The Accused also established a cooperative for students to be able to purchase school supplies at a cheap price. Tep Sok told the Trial Chamber that he believed it was in part thanks to the Accused that he was able to become a teacher himself and later a school principal.

Tep Sok learned about the role of the Accused under the Khmer Rouge regime only at the time of his arrest. He stated that he felt "regretful that such a man of virtue had become a criminal".

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