Contribution from Norway to be directed to the national component of ECCC

The Government of Norway has approved that its recent financial contribution of 6 million NOK (approximately US$ 1 million) can be redirected from the international component to the national component of the ECCC to meet the salary costs of the national staff.

“On behalf the ECCC, I would like to express my profound thanks the Government of Norway and the United Nations and for its favorable consideration of this course of action, thereby enabling the national component of the ECCC to pay staff salaries from April to June 2014. I also appeal to donor’ countries to provide more voluntary contributions to secure necessary funding for the 2014 budget of the national component of the ECCC”, said Acting Director of the Office of Administration H.E. KRANH Tony in a statement.

The financial assistance provided by Norway to the ECCC exceeds US$ 7 million, and the country has supported the Court since its inception.

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