ECCC Supreme Court Chamber Return of Documents to Toul Sleng Museum

Phnom Penh, Cambodia – The Supreme Court Chamber of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) on 22 February 2024 returned documents to Tuol Sleng Museum, as originally provided by Professor Walter Heynowski.

H.E. Tony Kranh, Acting Director of Administration of the ECCC, said “the ECCC is grateful to both Professor Heynowski and the Toul Sleng Museum for the opportunity to use the documents, which made a valuable contribution to the evidence in case 002/02”.

H.E. Tony Kranh continued that, “As part of the ECCC’s mandate during the residual phase, we are continuing to prioritize activities that aid in the collection and dissemination of information to preserve and promote the court’s legacy. In light of this commitment, we have scanned these documents so that they can be accessed digitally by professionals and the general public. We hope that these materials will continue to benefit research and transitional justice activities that increase awareness of the Khmer Rouge regime and ensure sustainable peace”.

Mr. Hang Nisey, Director of Toul Sleng Genocide Museum (TSGM) expressed the utmost thanks to the ECCC for the return of documents to Toul Sleng Genocide Museum by ensuring that the documents will be properly stored for the purpose of study and research.

The following documents have been given to the Tuol Sleng Museum:

(1)   A logbook containing handwritten entries; and

(2)  Photographs or contact sheets of what appear to be prisoners.

Authentic documents are essential in the investigative process. The documents revealed important aspects of the history of the Khmer Rouge period, unavailable in other documents. Unique, accurate and timely information is highly valuable during legal proceedings and is important for establishing an accurate historical record.

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