Statement by Acting Director of the Office of Administration related to lack of cash flow to pay the ECCC’s national side’s staff salary for the month of December 2012 and budget situation for 2013

H.E. Kranh Tony, Acting Director of the Office of Administration of the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, met with all of the court’s national officers and staff on Friday, 21 December 2012, to report on the latest ECCC developments. In the meeting, he informed them that there would be lack of cash flow to pay the national staff, ranging from drivers to prosecutors and judges.

H.E. Kranh Tony said he appreciated all officers and staff of the national side for their successful endeavour, efficiency and ability to handle important responsibilities thus far, particularly in the trials of Case 002. At this point, the Case 002 hearings have taken place for 142 days and have heard around 50 civil parties, witnesses and expert witnesses. Despite their demonstrated commitment, H.E. Kranh Tony informed the national staff about the ECCC budget situation and the challenge ahead of serious concern—the lack of cash flow to pay their salaries.

H.E. Kranh Tony explained, “The national component of the ECCC has sufficient fund to run until the end of 2012 and we will have enough cash flow to pay the salary of all staff members through this December. However, the payment will be late by two or three weeks,” said H.E Kranh Tony. “The Budget and Finance Section is working on this issue with donor countries and the Fund Administrator (UNOPS) to receive around US $300,000 of remaining funds earmarked by the EU to pay for this December’s salary.”

The national component of the ECCC needs US$9.5 million to operate in 2013 as reported by next year’s revised budget. Unlike previous years, the national side has received no new funding pledges from donor countries for 2013. The national side does have existing pledges of US $2.5 million in total, of which US $1.8 million is from the Royal Government of Cambodia and US $700,000 is from Germany.

H.E. Kranh Tony reminded the staff that funding for the ECCC comes from two major sources: financial contributions from the Royal Government of Cambodia and voluntary funding from supporters of the ECCC. The contributions from the Royal Government of Cambodia have been made on a timely basis to support the court’s general operations, including utilities, building repair and maintenance, bus services for all national and international staff, health care services for the accused, and the court’s outreach work. Funding for the national staff’s salaries comes completely from voluntary contributions from international donor governments. Key donor countries for the national side include Japan, the European Union, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

H.E. Kranh Tony emphasized that all national staff of the ECCC will not be receiving their salaries from January 2013 on unless fresh contributions are received soon. Again, this new delayed salary payment has indeed demoralized each and every one of the national staff. In such a situation, H.E. Kranh Tony hopes that the ECCC’s key donor countries will endorse the revised budget for 2013 as soon as possible and provide funding to sustain the court’s work and avoid disrupting the current active and smooth hearing process. 


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