Statement by the Co-Prosecutors

The Co-Prosecutors make this statement in light of recent reports concerning the integrity of the ECCC and its organs.
The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia were established as a result of an agreement between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the United Nations. Domestic law which created the Court in 2003 expressly requires its Judges and Co-Prosecutors to be independent in the performance of their duties and to act with integrity and impartiality. Every prosecutorial and judicial act: preliminary examinations, investigations, prosecutions, verdicts, sentences and awards of collective and moral reparations must follow the interests of justice and the law. 
The ECCC is a unique collaboration between the Kingdom of Cambodia and the United Nations.  It vests authority to render justice in both Cambodian and international officials serving side by side. It is the first hybrid criminal tribunal where national judges form the majority. This judicial structure demonstrates the level of trust that the international community has placed in the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Millions of Cambodians suffered and died under the criminal policies of the Democratic Kampuchea.  These crimes shocked the conscience of humanity.   While the ECCC is Cambodia’s admirable response on behalf of its own people it is also a powerful signal of hope to the entire world. All of us who work in this court have a heavy responsibility. 
The ECCC can only be as effective as the principles that inspire its officials and its many supporters – vocal and silent – among the people of Cambodia, the Royal government and the United Nations. Today, our Office, with the full support of its staff, Cambodian and international, reaffirms its commitment to perform its functions according to the dictates of conscience and probity and to uphold the rule of law. 

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