Statement by Judge Motoo Noguchi of the Supreme Court Chamber on his resignation

Judge Motoo NOGUCHI from Japan, an international judge of the Supreme Court Chamber of the ECCC, tendered today a letter of resignation to the United Nations Secretary-General. His resignation will take effect in 60 days on 15 July 2012. After leaving the ECCC, he is going to return to serving the Ministry of Justice of Japan.

Judge Noguchi has been serving the ECCC from its inception in 2006. In the Case 001 Appeal proceedings, he was a rapporteur judge for the ground of appeals on sentencing. He has also been an active member of the Plenary Sessions, the Judicial Administration Committee and the Rules and Procedure Committee.

Judge Noguchi has left the following message to the people of Cambodia:
"It was my greatest honor and privilege to play a role in the ECCC's historic endeavors to bring justice to the people of Cambodia. I trust that they will continue to strive to overcome the tragic past which once put the country in ruins, as was the case with the Japanese people half a century ago. I hope that the Cambodian people will keep telling their stories beyond generations, enhance dialogue in their society, and reflect these on the education for pupils and students. I wish all the best and prosperity for the country and people of Cambodia."

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