How is the court financed?

More than 35 countries have joined the Cambodian government in funding the court. Donations earmarked for the ECCC are kept separate from other donor funds committed to development assistance in Cambodia. Japan has donated almost 50 percent of all international contributions to the court, with other major donations coming from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States of America.

Japan and the European Union are the major donors to the Cambodian side of the budget.  Their contributions supplement the more than USD 5 million left over from UNTAC, which the original donors agreed to contribute to the ECCC.

The Cambodian government has contributed USD 4.8 million in cash in addition to supporting in-kind contributions, such as providing the premises and paying for detention. There is still an urgent need for funding in order to continue the work of the court. We are hoping to receive ongoing funding from donor countries as well as concerned organisations, companies, foundations and individuals.

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