BEIT Boeurn (BIT Na), alias BIT Beuan

The witness was born in 1950 in Kandal province, and joined the revolution in 1971.

She was assigned to various tasks before 1975 such as helping people grow rice and digging tree rots to produce medicine. Her unit arrived in Phnom Penh after the people had been evacuated. She was based at the stadium where she sewed clothes. In 1977 she was assigned to the Ministry of Commerce, in charge of purchasing. Her husband was arrested because he was a driver of Ta Hong; she never saw him again. She attended a study session where Pol Pot, Nuon Chea and Khieu Samphan spoke. They were encouraged to smash enemies, even if the enemies were their parents. She became pregnant but after her husband was arrested, she was forced to abort the baby.

She was sent to Kampong Chhnang Airfield. Everyone there was very skinny and no children. She said they were fed poorly

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    BIT Beuan
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  • Cases : Case 002Case 002/02
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