Chou Vin was called as a witness to testify on the character of the Accused.

Chou Vin knew the Accused as Hang Pin from 1995 to 1997 when both were teachers at Phkoam High School in Svay Chek district. After the robbery at the house of the Accused during which his wife was killed, Chou Vin permitted him to stay at the educational department. The Accused then worked as personal assistant to him.

As a character witness, Chou Vin described the Accused as being a friendly, humble, hard-working, and meticulous teacher. Because he quickly became known as the best-educated and most experienced teacher in the school, the Accused was called "Kru Ta" or "grandfather teacher". He was appreciated by teachers and students alike.

Chou Vin told the Trial Chamber that he only learned of the criminal past of the Accused at the time of his arrest. He recounted that he was surprised to learn that the Accused held a senior position under the Khmer Rouge regime, as he had known him as an "elder, respectful person". The Accused had concealed his past from him and had stated in his application that he had worked on school curricula during Democratic Kampuchea.

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