The witness was referred by pseudonym (2-TCW-971) during hearing as he was interviewed within investigative phase and was requested a protective measure by International Co-Investigating Judge. 

2-TCW-971 to testify on conflicting internal factions in the Northwest Zone in relation to the trial topic of internal purges. This witness is anonymous witness interviewed by Robert LEMKIN (2-TCW-877) and THET Sambath (2-TCW-855) for their film "Enemies of the People". According to Robert LEMKIN, the witness was a military commander in the capture of Phnom Penh in April 1975 and was later part of the official Northwest Zone administration under direct instruction of POL Pot. 

The Defense submits 2-TCW-971 was sent to work in the Northwest Zone and he can describe people's poor living conditions there. It submits that he can provide unique insight regarding the consequences of the policies and the party line. 

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  • Cases : Case 002Case 002/02
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