Mr. Raoul Marc Jennar

Raoul Marc Jennar, 63, a consultant in the field of international relations, was called to testify as an expert on issues relating to practical and theoretical foundations and operations of the Democratic Kampuchea (DK) regime of terror. During his testimony, Mr. Jennar identified three foundations of terror as a DK method of government. First, he described the culture of violence in Cambodia, which was internally sustained by the violent repression of opposition since the country's independence in 1953 and externally exacerbated by the American bombings. Second, he pointed out the political culture of the DK leaders: strongly influenced by a Bolshevik conception and a Stalinist practice of communism, they adopted an iron discipline and eliminated doubtful elements. Third, Raoul Jennar mentioned the specificities of Pol Pot's unique interpretation of the Marxist-Leninist doctrine accentuated state terrorism.  Mr. Jennar told the Trial Chamber that he accepted the statement of the Accused as being simultaneously "a servant and a hostage" of the Khmer Rouge system, as he considered that nobody under such a regime disposed of a margin for maneuver . He further argued that the leaders at the highest level should shoulder, first and foremost, the greatest responsibility. He underlined the existence of other DK security centers, arguing that the directors of the centers in which a higher number of victims were killed also qualified as those "most responsible" for DK crimes.

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