Mr. YUN Bin

Mr. YUN Bin was born in 1955. He was sent to live in Kos Au Tanseng Island when the Khmer Rouge took power. Here he was assigned to build canals and dykes, clear the forests and transplant rice seedlings.

On 25 May 1978, he was called to go for a study session with nine other youths from several districts. He was tied with rope and taken by vehicle to an execution site. There were 40 people in total including four women. He was beaten with an axe until he lost consciousness and thrown into a well. When he regained consciousness he was covered with four or five dead bodies. Those who had not died cried out. The soldiers threw grenades into the well until there was silence. Mr. Yun asked the souls of those who died to help him survive and escape the well. He promised them he would find justice for them. He managed to release himself from the rope tied around his wrists and escaped. He returned to his parents’ village in Kampong Thom where he concealed himself inside their house.

He later fled with his father to the forest when people were evicted from the village in 1978. His father became ill and passed away.

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